Varsity/Intermediate CX Schedule:


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Novice CX Schedule:


9am - Foundations of Policy Debate - Covering "Stock Issues", Defining the Negative Arsenal, Round Overview/Times, etc...
11am - Looking Through a 1AC Piece by Piece, Understanding Taglines and Citations, Connecting Vocabulary.
Noon - Lunch Break
1pm - Coming Up With Arguments Against Affirmative (Possibly Topic Overview in Depth)
2:30pm - Cut a Card Activity
4:30pm - Preview DAs, CPs (Priming)
5:30pm - Kahoot (?) Review of the Day
6pm - Dinner Break
7pm - Office Hours; Focus on Understanding the Affirmative, Cutting Cards, Etc...
9am - Disadvantages - with Activity
11am - Cross-Examination Periods with Practice
Noon - Lunch Break
1pm - Counterplans (no theory yet)
2:3opm - CP + DA Together; Negative Strategy
4:3opm - Flowing
5:30pm - Kahoot (?) Review of the Day
6pm - Dinner Break
7pm - Office Hours; Giving More Feedback on Activities, Reviews
9am - Bigger Review - Taking it One Step Further (maybe talking more about internal link/more terminal DA impacts, brainstorming CP options, etc...)
10:30am - Researching Best Practices (Getting more out of Google; Introduction to Scholar; Using Verbatim)
Noon - Lunch Break
1pm - Revisit Flowing
2pm - Review Round Overview 2.0
2:30pm - Topicality
4:00pm - Creating Topicality Arguments
5:30pm - Kahoot (?) Review
6pm - Dinner Break
7pm - Office Hours
9am - Find Practice Round, Try Flowing, Dissect it As We Go
Noon - Lunch Break
1pm - Group Discussion, Parking Lot Questions, Determine Re-Teaching
1:30pm - Small Breakouts (Want to hear them read at least part of a 1AC and discuss speaking style.)
3:00pm - More Topic Discussions/Activities - Where Are You Going to Go During the Season?
6pm - Dinner Break
7pm - Office Hours
9am - Debating Online Discussion (perhaps with some demonstrations or activities to practice/compartmentalize)
Noon - Lunch Break
3pm - Small Breakouts (Re-Teaching Possibilities)
5pm - Camp's Almost Done, Now What?
6pm - Dinner Break
7pm - Office Hours

Pre-Institute Policy Files



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